Speak Your Truth. Tell Your Story. Find Your Power.



Speak Your Truth.

Tell Your Story.

Find Your Power.

Me Too Teen Project is a site for and by teens. It is a safe space to share your story anonymously and to hear the stories of other teens who have suffered sexual harassment & abuse in their lives. It is a place to feel heard and to know that you are not alone. 



The goal of Me Too Teen Project is to provide a safe and healing online portal for reading and sharing stories of survival and hope for teens. Teens can also connect with local and national resources for survivors of sexual abuse and harassment.


This is for teens of all genders, including boys, girls, nonbinary, and transgender folks. This is for teens of all races, identities, sexual orientations and from all income levels, religions, [mental and physical] abilities, national origin, and all citizenships.


Sexual abuse and assault happens all around the world... every hour, every day.


Find Help and Resources

Although the founders of Me Too Teen Project are located in Colorado, we intend for this to be a national resource for teens. We will be updating this page to include information for various state & national organizations. Please feel free to email us at: metooteenproject@gmail.com with any suggestion of your state's organizations or national resources! 


RAINN is a National Hotline where you can call and report sexual harassment & assault. It is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. It is free & confidential and a great resource for survivors. They have trained specialists available 24hrs a day. You can click the link below to be directed to their website where you can chat online and get more information & help. Or Call  1-800-656-HOPE.



Safe2Tell is a confidential resource where you can call and make a report of sexual abuse, assault or other forms of violence, harassment, bullying and anything that puts you or someone else at risk. On their website you can submit anonymous tips and access many more resources. You can call them at: 1-877-542-7233 or click link below to make a report or tip online anonymously.

Safe 2 Tell

If you have a suggestion of an organization that can support teens who are experiencing or who have experienced sexual harassment or abuse, feel free to suggest them to us by email .